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Xu Weinan, vice president of Changzhou Municipal Political Consultative Conference, visited our company to investigate trade union work

Release time:2017-06-17

In June 17, 2017, the vice president of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions and Xu Weinan, the party secretary, came to our company to conduct a survey on the work of the trade unions of non-public enterprises. The deputy director of the subdistrict office of Mitsui, Chen Guoying, was accompanied by a member of the Party Work Committee and a member of the organization, Gao Xiang.

Mr. Jin Yinlong, the deputy general manager of our company, and Mr. Han Peng, the Secretary of the Party branch, reported on the production and operation of the company and the work of the trade union. In the course of the investigation, vice president Xu Weinan gave the corresponding opinions and suggestions on all aspects. Xu Weinan pointed out that all industries have their own development advantages and difficulties. They can adhere to good policies and reduce problems and contradictions through industrial innovation and transformation. Enterprises and workers complement each other, as a trade union organization must do a good job of the bridge between enterprises and workers, the union chairman is better staff members of the maiden. To condense the strength of the staff and workers, to solve the problem of workers and workers, and to promote the harmonious development of the enterprises.