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Leadership of the Changzhou galactic Party group activities center

Release time:2017-06-30

In June 2017, Changzhou New District Economic Development Bureau, Deputy Minister of Siyang county organization Comrade Yang Yan and Changzhou Xinyang Party branch to wait for a leader to visit our company party activity centers for the exchange of learning.

I am Mr. Han Peng, the Secretary of the Party branch, chairman of the union of our party building work carried out a detailed report, leaders fully affirmed and recognized, we proposed to create "the heart, face to face service" brand building, further highlighting the brand construction, the party construction play influence, promoting the clean and honest culture. To strengthen environmental binding, create a learning organization, to maintain the organization advanced, build a harmonious enterprise, build team cohesion, give full play to the political core of Party organizations and political leading role, make the party building work of production and operation, concentric with the same resonance frequency.