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Our team takes part in the proposal of the Konka Group proposal to improve the conference

Release time:2017-05-25

In May 25, 2017, Konka Group''''s twenty-ninth QCC conference was held in Chuzhou, Anhui. 5 representatives from 8 representative teams and excellent suppliers from Konka Group participated. For the first time, the group opened the opportunity to study and exchange for the suppliers. The QCC improvement team of our company was lucky to be invited to participate in this conference.

Under the team of the technical director of our company, the team is fully prepared to select the subject carefully and participate in the full mental state. In this event, our team felt the enthusiasm of QCC group of Konka Group, and expressed the tacit agreement. There was a climax of the scene again and again. The representatives learned more about the importance and diversity of the QCC improvement, and the characteristics of its integration with the corporate culture. After the meeting, the division of the Department of the Department of the division of the division carried out learning to share, to show that in the future work to improve the company''''s QCC improvement activities to a new height.