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The red tour of the Changzhou galactic party

Release time:2017-06-18

In order to welcome the founding of the Communist Party of China at the age of 96, the Changzhou galactic party general branch organized a total of 51 party members and activists in Nanjing in June 18th to visit and study in Yuhuatai.

Yuhuatai, Nanjing, is a beautiful hillock surrounded by pine and cypress. It is about 100 meters high and about 3.5 kilometers long. The top is terrace. It is composed of 2 closely dependent hills. Yuhuatai is the new democratic revolutionary martyrs department, where the victims of the Communists and the revolutionary masses as much as 100 thousand.

By remembering the revolutionary martyrs, we have expressed the spirit of martyrs to motivate themselves, urge themselves, carefully control themselves, improve themselves, treat the fame and gain correctly, and establish the correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. In response to the call of the higher Party organizations, the requirements of "two studies and one do" are actually put into reality.